5/17-5/18 Games for Health Success!

Melissa Yu, Scotty Hoag, and I had a very successful presentation at the Games for Health Conference in Boston. Scotty spoke on the lab and PokerWalk, and Melissa and I spoke on Pathways. Several people at the conference were interested in Pathways, but one woman in particular is ready to recieve it in her nine clinics across Germany! It was exciting to recieve such great reviews and collect more data.

I was definitely inspired as a game designer to think more critically about the healthcare system. I have had a lot of experience in my short life with the healthcare system and know that it is truly broken and needs to change. I was inspired at this conference to try and do  my part in the next generation to help amleorate what I can using digital tools.

Aside from being inspired, I learned a lot about games, health, and being a professional at a conference:

1. Twitter is the shin-diggity for professional connection. Get one. Put it on your business card. Follow people you want to hire you.

2. When you go to a conference where you will be having your own table, make sure you have a lot of little postcard-sized info sheets to promote your games. Also, bring your research poster to set at the table when you aren’t there.

3. Stickers with QR codes are a great way to promote your stuff

4. When you get a business card, write a sentence about who that person is and what you talked about.

5. Sensors are the next big thing in health gaming; they are replacing self-reporting

6. When designing a health game, you can lose a lot of users when using the word “health” to describe it.

7. Reward systems should be based on improvement not on total

8. Utilize social networks in your game design

Reading List:

Courage to Create 

Reality is Broken 


Interesting Links/Apps/Games List:


Food Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen





mobile adventure walks

Just Dance 2

LightSpace Play (I wish I would have gotten to play this)



Makoto (freakin’ amazing)










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